Conduct by UM Project x Flavor Paper

By Caroline Williamson

Leave it to Flavor Paper and UM Project to turn a product/project on its head. Both brands always have a way of doing the unexpected – and doing it well – and now they’ve partnered up on an innovative collaboration called Conduct. When you think of wallpaper, I imagine you think of patterned paper that decorates your walls, right? Well, scratch everything you thought you knew about it and check this out.

Conduct brings wall coverings to an entirely new level by throwing in an interactive experience that merges design with electricity – but this time not buried behind the walls. Using wallpaper that’s decked out with conductive ink and a series of five functional devices, the experience begins when a user closes the electrical loop and turns the display on with sounds, lights, and motion. What typically is a two-dimensional design is suddenly a tech-infused, completely unexpected, three-dimensional experience with millions of possibilities.

Conduct was on display at Collective Design Fair.

Photos by Francis Dzikowski/OTTO.

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