Max, Molly, Enchilada: How Original Is Your Dog’s Name?

By Katharine Schwab

Think your new puppy’s name makes it a special snowflake? Think again. New York City’s Department of Health has released a bubble infographic of all the dogs registered in New York City last year–and they’re completely basic. There were 1,153 dogs named Max. A whopping 1,195 dogs named Bella. And 856 dogs named Charlie. Be more original, people!

The data comes from the department’s registration records, and it’s meant to get the word out about registering dogs–which is legally required by the city. The interactive is a glimpse at popular naming patterns amongst dog parents, and despite the predictable Maxes and Bellas, there are also some gems hidden in amongst the many bubbles.

Two lucky pups are named Enchilada, one is named Tabasco, and another is named Eggs. New York City culture pops up often: There’s one pup named Bloomberg, 21 named Bronx, and 194 named Brooklyn. Though there are eight Kramers, there’s only one Seinfeld. The whole city is only home to one dog called Deeogi (which sounds like “doggie” after a really long day at work), and another named Punkydoodl, and one named Piffington (which takes the cake, in my book). There are even two named Poo.

The Department of Health also released a neighborhood map that shows what dog name was most uniquely popular in each of the city’s neighborhoods in 2016. Nellie takes the cake in the Upper East Side, while Hershey is the favorite in Williamsburg. The East Village’s most popular is Delilah. In Murray Hill, the most appropriate dog name apparently is… Murray. In the end, it all raises a question: What does your dog’s name say about you?

You can explore the full interactive here.

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