Insights: Inspiring mobile shoppers to purchase with Facebook Collection

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Furniture retailer has been using Collection to target shoppers in the UK, France and the Netherlands. The brand created collections for different product categories. Commercial director Annabel Kilner says beta tests have been “very successful” to date. “This format has allowed us to reach new audiences and drive discovery of our key categories, while delivering an incremental RoAS,” she explains

Almost half of all shopping journeys now contain a mobile action. But mobile shopping experiences are often frustrating or uninspiring. Long load times on mobile websites can cause friction and lead to drop-offs along the path to purchase. People are also watching more videos on mobile and want to see products as they exist in the real world — yet they also expect fast-loading, seamless experiences.

What is Collection?

Collection is a mobile-only ad format that allows advertisers to feature videos or photos of a product above four product images in Facebook News Feed.

Clicking on an ad leads people to a shopping experience showcasing multiple products. The experience can be used to showcase up to 50 items and loads within the Facebook app, creating a faster experience for mobile users.

Tapping on a product takes people to the relevant product page on a business or retailer’s mobile site or app. Shoppers can also visit a retailer’s mobile site or app by tapping a ‘see more’ button within the shopping experience.

The format was designed to cater for a growing demand for video. Three in four consumers say that watching videos on social media influences their purchasing decisions and brands from Adidas to Tommy Hilfiger are already using collection to drive sales with compelling video.

A collection from Adidas promoting its Z.N.E. hoodie. The brand saw a 5.3 x return on ad spend after using Collection
A collection from Adidas promoting its Z.N.E. hoodie. The brand saw a 5.3 x return on ad spend after using Collection

How can advertisers use it?

Brands can use a collection to:

  • Share moments from a fashion show, making it instantly shoppable
  • Showcase a new product release and cross-sell with complementary items
  • Optimise TV or long form video for mobile to highlight products
  • Share a video tutorial and promote the products featured in it

If a brand invites a beauty blogger or influencer to create a video using its products, for example, it can use a collection to publish that video and showcase featured products underneath in a fast-loading, full-screen experience.

If a menswear brand wishes to promote its new holiday range, it can use the format to pair a campaign film with up to 50 product images.

Adidas used Collection to drive sales for its new Z.N.E Road Trip hoodie and saw a 5.3 x return on ad spend. Its collection featured a video highlighting the technical features of the Z.N.E. Road Trip Hoodie. People who tapped on the ad were taken to a full-screen shopping experience that included complementary Adidas products to complete the look.

Fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger used Collection to bring its See Now, Buy Now Fall 2016 launch to life on mobile and saw a 2.2 x higher return on ad spend. Its collection featured a video of its Fall 2016 runway show with relevant products showcased underneath. “The results exceeded expectations, generating an ROI increase of over 200%,” says Avery Baker, Chief Brand Officer at Tommy Hilfiger.

Fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger used Facebook's Collection format to promote the launch of its Fall 2016 range
Fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger used Facebook’s Collection format to promote the launch of its Fall 2016 range

Creative considerations

Keep the following tips in mind to create a compelling collection that will stop Facebook users in their tracks.

  • Let your main photo or video provide more of a story behind the brand or products to inspire shoppers to find out more
  • Tell a cohesive story with images of products that are relevant to the main video or photo and use a compelling headline
  • Explore themes: consider seasons, specific target audiences, sales, promotions and gift guides
  • Optimise your mobile site or app. If your mobile experience is weak, your results will be too, regardless of the creative
  • Highlight product diversity. The more diverse your product set, the better
  • Use your header to drive a clear call to action
  • Research shows that video holds people’s attention more than stills, so consider using gifs, cinemagraphs, and other short looping videos to hook your audience

Existing TV content should be redesigned for a mobile feed. Make sure your video captures the audience’s attention in the first few seconds and that your message can be understood with or without sound. Make sure products showcased underneath the video or image relate to that video.

Consider focusing on a single product to cross-sell other items in a collection. You might choose to focus on a single product and elaborate on product features to entice your customers to view a whole collection – when doing so, make sure you feature that product and related products in your thumbnails.

Tommy Hilfiger’s collection promoting its Fall 2016 range – available straight from the runway

Design requirements

You will need to have a product catalogue in order to create a collection. Details on how to do this can be found here.

The requirements for images, text and videos are as follows:


  • Image ratio: 1.9:1
  • Image size: 1,200 x 628 pixels recommended
  • Less than 20% of your image should include text. Ads with higher amounts of text will receive less or no delivery.
  • Text: 90 characters recommended
  • Headline: 25 characters recommended


  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 or 1:1
  • Format: H.264 video compression, high profile preferred, square pixels, fixed frame rate, progressive scan
  • Audio: stereo AAC audio compression, 128kbps + preferred
  • Capture attention quickly: most mobile consumption occurs “on-the-go,” so convey your message very early in your video
  • Text: 90 characters
  • Headline: 25 characters recommended

A full guide to using Facebook’s Collection format can be found here.

Help with using Collection is available via Facebook’s Advertising Help Center.

More from a collection promoting Adidas' Z.N.E. hoodie
More from a collection promoting Adidas’ Z.N.E. hoodie

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