This Book About Concrete Architecture Is Made From It

By Diana Budds

Budapest-based photographer Gábor Kasza documents the rawness of unfinished concrete buildings. When he decided to turn his series into a book, which he’s funding through Indiegogo, he wanted readers to be able to judge it by its cover. To that end, he designed a concrete slipcase.

“I designed a piece to echo its content, somewhere between a damaged, unfinished volume and a contemporary minimalistic shape,” he writes on his crowdfunding campaign. “The look of the book gives the same unfinished impression as the buildings.”

Kasza spent a year prototyping the concrete slipcase, which weighs about three pounds and whose sides are about about 1/10th of an inch thick. “It is waterproof, oil-proof, UV and radiation resistant,” he writes.

Brutalism has reached its peak, with plentiful books, products, and creative projects celebrating the style. But few are as faithful to the movement as this hefty, tactile, concrete-entombed tome.

Find it for about $150 plus shipping, which is expected in June 2017, on Indiegogo.

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