Fascinating Dancers by Luis Alberto Rodriguez at Hyères Photography Festival

By Costanza

Luis Alberto Rodriguez bodies are harmonious figures moving and evolving in an undefined spaceIsolated in timeless dimension, these strange bodies are mysterious and beautiful entities.

These irregular figures, reminding some how Rei Kawakubo’s approach of body and space, are intimidating but magnetic visions. We met the Prix du Public and Prix American Vintage winner at the International Fashion and Photography Festival of Hyères.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in New York City. My family is from Dominican Republic. I have been living in Europe during sixteen years and I spent my last five years in Berlin.

You travelled a lot. Was it professional? How did you get into photography?

My background is as a professional dancer. The past two and half years I’ve been focusing on photography. This is my first completed series.

What is the story of this series?

I called this series ” Patina », Patina is a layer that forms naturally on the metals copper or bronze when they are exposed to the air for a long time.
So, the idea was to create a catalogue of one emotional state in the body. These figures are so big but in the same time, they are hiding. They are entirely covered with clothes and fabrics, questioning the notion of identity.
It also was important for me that these pictures are not in a precise space and time. I like the idea that it could be now or 2050, no matter.

How do you approach the notion of identity?

In a lot of my works I am covering people. On one side is an aesthetic choice, on the other side it is maybe the way I carry myself to the world. I am not the loudest person in the room, during all my
years dancing I was often exposed, so by covering my characters I question the notion of body.

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