Moments of Discovery by Fort Standard

By Leo Lei

Moments of Discovery is a new furniture collection created by Brooklyn-based designers Fort Standard. The new work focuses on simple connections that give rise to visually lightweight structures, exploring machined metal components for the first time in the larger scale of furniture.

The exhibition title “Moments of Discovery” references Fort Standard’s co-founders and designers Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings’ collaborative approach to developing a collection of furniture focused on a singular material: metal. Searching for opportunities within the material and the reductive machining processes used to form each component, the duo focused on small but exciting “moments” that offered unique opportunities to create simple connections lending themselves to create larger functional furniture elements.

Ranging from raw brass to anodized aluminum and subtle off-white powder coating, Fort Standard presents an impressive range of materials and finishes across a minimal yet highly livable collection of new work. The majority of the new pieces make up the Strata Collection which includes a coffee table, side table, and low shelf. Strata is a system composed of machined rod components that thread together creating structure and holding captive the precision milled metal plates which act as functional surfaces.

Photography by Brian Ferry.

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