Great Work: BBH’s Clean Eating Burger campaign for KFC

By Rachael Steven

So here it is – the KFC Clean Eating Burger, presented by Figgy Poppleton-Rice herself.

Posted by KFC on Montag, 27. Februar 2017

BBH was asked to drive awareness and sales of the Dirty Louisiana – a limited edition KFC burger launched in the UK – and created a brilliant spoof that sends up health food vloggers and aims to show clean eaters what they’re missing out on.

The agency made a video recipe for the Clean Eating Burger: a combination of raw cauliflower, pulsed ice, kale and boiled chicken. It is presented by Figgy Poppleton-Rice – a beautiful (and posh, of course) fictional food vlogger who “would literally marry kale” if she could.

After almost two minutes, Poppleton-Rice’s recipe is cut short when an ad for the Dirty Louisiana crashes down on top of her. The burger – a KFC original recipe fillet smothered in cheese and three sauces – looks even more delicious after witnessing Figgy’s pale and flavourless creation.

The campaign was created primarily for Facebook and BBH created several videos of varying lengths for the platform. Those who engaged with the initial video were served with shortened GIFs pushing the Dirty Lousiana.

BBH also set up an Instagram handle for Poppleton-Rice and a blog listing recipes for rice cake brunch and a hotdog made from aubergine and carrots.

Since its launch at the end of February, the campaign has proved a huge success. The main video was viewed over 10 million times and received thousands of likes and shares. KFC also sold out of the Dirty Lousiana.

By creating a convincing parody and leaving the unexpected twist right until the end, BBH also fooled many a consumer into thinking KFC had ditched its buns and famous fried chicken in favour of boiled meats and raw veggies – as comments on the brand’s Facebook page revealed:

Reactions to the video (shown top) posted on KFC's Facebook page
Reactions to the video (shown top) posted on KFC’s Facebook page

The campaign’s success shows there is still a place for longer form video content on Facebook – provided that content is engaging and tailored to the platform.

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