Coming soon! The Creative Review online archive

By Creative Review

We’re excited to announce that Creative Review will be launching a complete, searchable online archive of all past print issues dating back to the very first one in 1980. So for the first time ever, subscribers will be able to access the complete CR collection, all in one convenient place.

We’re busy dusting off our copies and converting them into beautiful, digital page-turners now.

But we need your help

There are a few issues we still need to track down. We invite you to join the hunt and help us complete our archive. As a thank you, anyone who provides us with a missing issue will receive a free annual subscription to Creative Review in print.

Do you have any of the following issues?

  • 1981 January
  • 1981 February
  • 1981 March
  • 1981 April
  • 1981 May
  • 1981 June
  • 1981 July
  • 1981 August
  • 1983 January
  • 1985 August
  • 1985 September
  • 1985 November

Help complete our archive

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