David Hockney Exhibition at Centre Pompidou Paris

By Costanza

Prosecutor of Matisse and Picasso art, inspired by fauvisme, David Hockney created a unique universe at the same time complexe and next to people. His style, constructed during over 60 years of painting, is joyful but also enigmatic, leaving the possibility of escaping the reality and imagining a story. His frames are true narrations and can be read as books. From neocubisme to ultra-graphic design, the sunny Californian univers of the painter is now exhibited at Centre Pompidou until the 23 ofoctober.

Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures), 1972

Against the Day dans le Style Français, 1974

A Bigger Splash, 1967

Nichols Canyon, 1980

Pacific Coast Highway and Santa Monica, 1990

David Hockney Domestic Scene Los Angeles, 1963

Crédit photo : 9 Canvas Study of the Grand Canyon, 1998

David Hockney self-portrait, 1954

David Hockney Garden, 2015

Le Parc des Sources, Vichy, 1970

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