Halal Nail Polish: Redesigning For Real World Users

When certain demographics can’t use your product, it’s important to ask why. Nail color is an ancient tool for self expression and accessorizing, but the practice has fallen out of use with many Muslim fashionistas. This is because run of the mill nail polishes are seen as a barrier to the body during prayer and ablution, and their ingredients are normally non-Halal.

To reformulate something as chemistry-heavy (and opinion provoking) as nail polish is no small feat, but the Muslim market is a lot to miss out on. To meet the needs of one of the fastest growing populations on earth and a massive sector of the beauty and beauty blogging world, beauty brand Orly paired up with Muslimgirl to release Halalpaint, a collection of water-permeable, breathable and 100% certified Halal polishes.

It’s not the first time the niche has been targeted, but earlier attempts would often peel, chip or wear off. This partnership was designed with industry quality standards and religious limitations equally in mind. As MuslimGirl.com chief of staff Azmia Magane noted that most beauty brands fail to recognize and lift up Muslim girls and women, who are still expected to use products “that are designed without them, instead of for them and by them.”

The result is a set of polishes that are vegan, cruelty free, and able to let the nail breathe more healthily, while delivering what Teen Vogue reports as a longer lasting manicure than normal.

Unsurprisingly, the limited run collection sold out within days. The brands are considering another production. As positive reviews and praise for their inclusive push roll in, it’s a nice reminder to reconsider our assumptions about why we make things the way we do.

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