Incredible Mix French Touch and Swiss Made

By Damien

Between fashion and clockwork, Klokers offers a transformed reading of time. The brand benefits from the alliance of Swiss know-how with French Touch, thus positioning itself as the technological offer of fashion of the market. Indeed, as shown in the photographs below, the Klokers watch panel incorporates many patented innovations while leaving the possibility to customize uses and accessories.

Among the amazing and patented innovations of the brand, the three concentric discs rotate counterclockwise to indicate time on a vertical axis. Klokers offers a new way to represent the time in the dial and to revalorize it with a top-of-the-range and fashionable design.

Not to mention other patented innovations such as key klokers, an 8-hour push button that unlocks the watch head from the bracelet or accessory. This function makes it possible to obtain a new mobility of the dial, adapted not to the wrist, but to all the everyday objects.

There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?“.This famous phrase of the playwright and writer George Bernard Shaw perfectly reflects Klockers’ vision.

Indeed, this beautiful project is the work of Richard Piras, specialist in watchmaking, an area he wants to upset. And it is by joining Nicolas Boutherin, lover of new technologies that the project will be realized. Their common goal is to restore movement and rhythm in the dial, relying on different hands, which will really change the reading time while still retaining an affordable price.

All Klokers watches are available here.

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