Reader Submitted: Beeing Human—A 3D Printed Clothing Collection Inspired by Honeycombs

I think wonder is the basis of worship. My inspiration is the honeycomb, a structure unique to the creative powers of bees. They build strong, systematic and nurturing honeycombed hives, similar to how humans construct objects for protection, be it clothing or architecture. The fusion of geometric, architectural and biological forms coming together on a human body is to question: why are we not fighting for Mother Nature if we humans are so passionate self-preservation and protection? Beeing Human aims to convey an environmental message, encouraging people to rethink our relationship with nature by joining the dots.

3D printing is integrated to show how technology can be a design medium, democratizing fashion. This is a fresh way to push boundaries for aesthetics and culture as well as production and performance.

Different fabrication technologies were used in creating these outfits; various plastic materials are printed together with silicone castings. These are ‘made-to-order’, avoiding wasteful mass production methods. These parts will be manually sewn together.

By juxtaposing the automative with traditional, we remind audiences that we are all connected deep down. Woven/knitted materials are not limitations; defined silhouettes are superseded by new visual experiences that are avant-garde and whimsical.

This capsule collection is kindly sponsored by Takasago, Swarovski and Converse.

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