Creative Ideas in Hospitality From Radical Innovation’s 2017 Finalists

By Vy Tran

From more than 65 international entries, Radical Innovation has announced the five finalists for its annual design competition where professionals and students from around the world present their ideas for game-changing, forward-thinking ideas in the hospitality space. These ideas will be presented live at the New Museum in New York on October 4th, after which a grand-prize winner will be selected.

Professional Finalists

Vertical Micro-Climate by Arno Matis Architecture Inc.
A mountainous spa like retreat, this resort will be situated near the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Canada and will let guests enjoy warm, tropical-inspired weather all year round. Although temperatures can get low during the winter, natural thermal/solar technology will help maintain the ideal climates to make this retreat an ideal vacation.

Living the Till by EoA Inc.
This hotel concept is found high amongst the treetop canopies of remote areas. Its verticality means there is minimal impact on the below surrounding environment and its portable structure means it can be used it various locations. Being able to enjoy nature with 360 degree views doesn’t sound too bad either.

Play Design Hotel by Play Design Hotel
Part hotel, part design gallery, this idea connects travelers to local designers. Guests would get a taste of the country’s culture through design by being exposed to local designers who would outfit the property with interior furnishings, fixtures, and accessories.

Student Winner: Hyperloop Hotel by Brandan Siebrecht
It’s always interesting to see how shipping containers can be utilized in different ways from their original function. This concept uses these structures in the hotel’s sustainable, modular design that allows guests to travel with the moving shipping container and dock at one of 13 hotel destinations across the US. The entire experience would be managed through a customized app.

Student Honorable Mention: Garden House by Caspar Schols
Designed with a Douglas wood exterior, an inner shell of double-glass, and a steel roof, the sustainable design of this building eliminates the need for artificial climate control so that you’d be able to enjoy ideal temperatures and seasons all year round without having to resort to using energy-wasting AC/heating regulators.

Learn more about the Radical Innovation competition here.

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