How to Cut Mortises Easily, Prototyping a Dust Collection Shoe, Building a Folding Bed for a Minivan & More

Tree Swing

Jimmy DiResta uses everything from a chainsaw to a brace-and-bit to rope splicing techniques to create this tree swing, then figures out how to hang it without having to climb up to the branch:

“My Delta Hybrid Table Saw”

As he empties out his old shop, Matthias Wandel runs down the features of his self-modified table saw with an attached DIY router lift/table:

Building a Folding Bed & Cabinet for a Mini Van

Using a minimal amount of tools, Izzy Swan outfits a minivan with a convertible sleeping/camping set-up:

CNC Dust Collection Shoe Prototyping

Shoptimization. Frank Howarth modifies plans for a CNC router dust shoe to create his own dual-hose version, encountering and solving problems along the way:

How to Make a Kids’ Growth Chart Ruler

April Wilkerson breaks out her router freehanding skills to bang out this project for a growing child:

Quick & Easy Mortises

For beginners, the Wood Whisperer demonstrates a simple four-step process for creating mortises with a router:

DIY Stone Cheese Boards

Ben Uyeda shows you how you can easily cut stone to create some durable serving platters:

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