Reader Submitted: What Happens when the Circle of Life Gets Wi-Fi? App-Enabled Tree Incubators

The developers of Bios Urn, the first biodegradable urn designed to grow a tree using ashes, have just launched to the general public their newest product, the Bios Incube. The Bios Incube is a sophisticated and stylish tree incubator that aids in the growth process and comes alongside a complimentary application.

It is the first tree hi-tech incubator designed for the afterlife. Humans have used technology to improve life in so many ways, yet technology is limited when it comes to death. The Bios Incube aims to bring death up to speed with 21st century demands and requests, and its added technology features do exactly that.

The creators behind Bios Incube have one goal in mind: to create a product that is accessible to all and disruptive enough in design to change an age-old industry. Bios Incube hopes to combine the intersections of nature and technology to create not just products, but experiences. The Bios Incube is 100% reusable and produced entirely using ‘cradle-to-cradle’ materials and methods.

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