Blank Architects

Blank is a group of Russian architects located in Moscow that needed a new identity and website.
The logotype consists of an international and timeless typography and an icon that is both modern and classic.
The icon is an abstract representation of two architectural expressions; One expressive, curved, organic (B), and the other more straight, solid and functional (A). We use it as an emblem, a signature to reinforce the human approach of Blank.
The idea of the identity was to focus on the name Blank as the idea of perfection, as in the quote by Samuel Beckett: ‘At the end of the day, my last work will be a Blank piece of paper’. As a result, we created a minimalist identity and website that is functional and clear, combined with more progressive and creative ideas.
The generative design were developed with the purpose of emphasising key aspects of Blank’s architectural and creative approach, helping them attract new projects not only by references and finished output, but also by their attitude and principles towards their discipline. Each composition reacts to the character count of a given quote, and has been developed for use in both print, web and installation context.