César Pelizer’s 2D and 3D experiments are full of humour and imagination

By Rebecca Fulleylove

Growing up, illustrator and animator César Pelizer was surrounded by comics, magazines and cartoons on TV, so his interest was piqued early on. “I still remember that episode from Bugs Bunny where he interacts with the animator and Bugs gets angry that he keeps drawing and erasing things from the scene, for some reason I saw that and thought I could do that,” says César.

Born in Brazil, he then went on to live in Argentina and years later moved to England, where he now calls London home. César is currently working as a director at motion studio weareseventeen and sees his style as a mix of 2D and 3D. “I like to use 3D more as an animation tool rather than looks, I like keeping things flat,” explains César. “At the moment I am really enjoying experimenting with 3D, basically having a 3D character is like having an actor in scene, you can position the camera in different angles and perspectives and that gives you infinite possibilities, especially if you’re coming from an illustration background like myself.”

Source:: itsnicethat