Help us choose the next CR cover

By Creative Review

We would like you to nominate an image for our front cover which will be capable of inspiring a story. An image which makes you wonder, what happened here? Or, what will happen next? Or just ‘why’?

But we need images that we can actually use (and not something that we would never be able to get the rights for) – so we have partnered on the project with photography cooperative Stocksy.

Something like this? Image: Stocksy

Here’s what you have to do:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Enter search terms of your choice. (Tip: try terms like ‘abandoned’, ‘mystery’ or ‘graffiti’ to return some intriguing results)

Step 3: When you have found your image, paste a link to it in the comments below feel free to add your reasons for picking it.

Select your image here

Maybe this? Image: Stocksy

The CR team will then pick our favourite to appear on the cover of the October/November issue and be used as the inspiration for a group of writers to create a series of stories based on the image.

We will give a free year’s subscription to the person whose choice we pick (if you are already a subscriber, we will extend your sub by a year).

Deadline: Midnight GMT on September 20.

What’s the story behind this? Image: Stocksy
Or this? Image: Stocksy

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