Leica’s Factory Workers Look Like They’re in a Futuristic Sci-Fi Movie

Camera manufacturer Leica was formed nearly a hundred years ago, but their factory looks like it was built 100 years in the future. They’ve released a video inside their Wetzlar factory that was supposed to draw attention to their cameras, but instead we were stunned by the gleaming, pristine environment and the white-uniform-clad, plastic-hairnet-wearing staff. If you told me these were stills from an upcoming Ridley Scott or Christopher Nolan movie, I’d have believed you.

Here’s the vid:

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the facilities are so photogenic. I looked into it and the factory is integrated into Leica’s “Experience Center,” where visitors can peer into the production facilities through three panoramic windows. The compound also contains a Leica store, gallery and exhibition spaces, a café and a restaurant.

Note that the restaurant is called “Casino,” that’s not an actual casino. Leica presumably prefers to take your money the old-fashioned way, by building desirable products.

If you want to visit the place, it’s about 40 minutes outside of Frankfurt and you can learn more here.

Source:: Core77.com