Noted: New Logo and Identity for and by Netlife

“Wiggle Room”

Netlife is a digital agency in Oslo, Norway, offering digital solutions from web sites and apps to complex professional systems, as well as insights, data, and analysis; strategy and counseling; brand and identity; and communication and customer dialogue.

Design by
Typeface, wordmark, symbol: Dinamo Typefaces
Application: In-house

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Instead of designing a conventional logo, we worked with Johannes Breyer and Fabian Harb from Dinamo Typefaces, to develop a custom type family. The goal was to have an identity which is really simple to use, and that has the playfulness of our personality. We also wanted an identity system that would allow us to build new concepts without too many visual constraints. For instance, we host a series of conferences, and we develop our own products who really needs their own communication and concept to really come across. With our typeface, we have the marker we need.

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New Logo and Identity for and by Netlife

New Logo and Identity for and by Netlife

New Logo and Identity for and by Netlife
Custom type family.
New Logo and Identity for and by Netlife
New Logo and Identity for and by Netlife
Some kind of something.

Not much to say about the old logo other than it being forgettable and looking more like the headline of an editorial spread than an actual logo. The new logo is all about that wiggly “N” and how well it plays off of the deadpan aesthetic of the rest of the custom sans serif. It’s a wonky, weird, oddball wordmark that works surprisingly well and is perfectly suited for a Norwegian digital agency. The applications’ success rests on the quirkiness of the uppercase “M”, “N”, and “W” and their lowercase counterparts as they are the only overt graphical touches of the identity and they are enjoyably awkward, particularly as you read through their website. I wish there were more applications because this could be extra fun in print.

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