A higgledy-piggledy, funny yet tragic tale: The Romance of the Skeleton

By Ruby Boddington

The Romance of the Skeleton is a two-and-a-half minute, weird and wonderful animation depicting “the lows and lower lows of love in the afterlife.” Equal parts funny and touching, the short is the result of a collaboration between Brazil-born Vitoria Bastos and Adele Davies from Devon (a small town famous for its carpets to be specific). Although from very different backgrounds, the pair bonded over alien abductions, UFOs and a shared interest in weird, sexual and deliberately ugly work – interests which are clearly reflected in the project. Having barely spoken while studying the same course (Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins), the collaboration came about as a way to get out their frustrations with the “final year grind and the inclination towards polished and commercial work.”

Source:: itsnicethat