Strange Days by Bec Brittain with Material Lust and Alex P. White

By Leo Lei

Strange Days is an installation curated by New York-based designer Bec Brittain featuring Material Lust and Alex P. White. The collaborative show displays unusual and idiosyncratic pieces in a comfortable and familiar manner, transforming the objects into luxurious delicacies when viewed as a whole.

As the name suggests, the strangeness of the pieces defy categorization, and are simultaneously dark and moody, yet warm and sensual. In an effort to disarm the viewer and transform their perspective, the work challenges one to see past the provocative and look further to the detailed craft and materiality.

While the installation brings together an eclectic selection of experimental pieces, the show was initially inspired by the Brittain’s desire to install her signature piece, Mercury, within the showroom. While this piece is very personal and evocative for her, she wanted to be able to tell more of a story around it. In response to the work created by Alex P. White and Material Lust, “Theirs is brave work which doesn’t placate or conform, and I was flattered to have them want to create this story with me.”

Photography by Lauren Coleman.

Source:: Design-milk