Amazing Picture Stories Told by Photographers for POLKA

By Léa

The POLKA magazine dedicates its editorial line to photography since 10 years. With one released per quarter, picture lovers can read several subjects from reportage to news. On its website the redaction chose to make us discovering the story behind famous pictures told by photographers themselves in videos and interview. In “Chaque photo a son histoire”, we plung with pleasure behind the scenes of these photographs.

We who three episodes dedicated to the work of Françoise Huguier, Agnès Varda and JR and Richard Dumas. POLKA productions directed by Alexandre Liebert.

Richard Dumas dedicated and still dedicate his carrier to photograph icons of our World. Kate Moss, Keith Richards or Jean-Luc Godard, there are a lot of famous people who posed for the artist. In this episode episode, he come back on the story which is hidden behind his most famous portraits.

Photographer Françoise Huguier took a picture as surprising as poetic in Saint Petersburg in 2000. During her travel in Russia, she rent a room in an apartment that takes the colors of the USSR, with green and white tiles that ornament walls of the bathroom. She noticed that posing naked for an artist is still an easy thing. Artist took a beautiful picture of a woman naked in the bathtub of that community apartment. She tells us the story of that photograph.

Agnès Varda and JR imagined together a documentary titled Visages, Villages in which they traveled through France to meet villages and inhabitants. An occasion for those two artists, separated by several generations, to share their experiences. Agnès Varda ask to JR to integrate on a bunker on a Normandy beach, the portrait photographer Guy Bourdin, young, she took in their youth times. A picture that is perfectly integrated in the staging for an ephemeral artwork which lived one day only. Agnès Varda tells us her poetic version of that beautiful story/a> where two arts meet together to offer a new life to a photograph.

To discover other inspiring stories, rendez-vous on the dedicated pages to this great initiative of POLKA magazine, “Chaque photos a son histoire”.