Bad Design Meets Unnecessary Technology: Guy Reviews ION Bottleless Water Cooler

Here’s a great example of a product design that probably sounded great on paper, but clearly sucks to use in the real world. We present to you the Ion Bottleless Water Cooler:

1. The Initial Design Problem

Office water coolers require the end user to lift that heavy jug of water, invert it, and drop it into the top of the machine.

2. The Solution

Let’s design a water cooler that hooks up to a tap instead and filters the water. With no reservoir, it will be much smaller, taking up less space, and no one will have to lift the bottle.

3. The Add-Ons and Details

Let’s add carbonation, and a lot of different temperature options. And a touchscreen!

4. The End Result

Over the weekend this Redditor posted this review of the resultant device:

Just a reminder of how much can go wrong between #2 and #4.