Toy Design Fail: Teddy Bears With Long Legs are Horrendous

There are certain classic toy designs that simply oughtn’t be messed with. Here’s a case where a manufacturer did not heed this rule, perhaps realized that they screwed up after they’d already gone into production, and perhaps was very careful in how they presented their creation in photographs.

The object in question is the Joyfay Giant Teddy Bear 78″ (6.5 Feet) White. Here are the first six photographs of it shown on the Amazon listing:

Cute, right? But if you get down to the final, seventh photo, you see this:

The legs are grotesquely long, but the first six photos all use foreshortening or cropping to downplay that fact.

Apparently many folks who bought the teddy bear never bothered to check that sixth photo, and are hilariously crapping all over the product in the reviews with their own, more honest photos. Some examples:

And this damning review sans photo:

And a couple of wiseacres:

To be fair to Joyfay, the bear has received primarily positive reviews…

…but the one-star gripes have worked their way up to the top of the list.­­ Because let’s face it, these days negatively funny stuff always draws more attention.

Via Motherboard