This Stylish Lamp Is Actually An Alexa-Powered Voice Assistant

By Cliff Kuang

Ollie, a new smart lamp, can do everything your Echo or Google Home can do–and a lot more.

Voice assistant gadgets such as Alexa or Google Home are well on their way to mainstream ubiquity: Nearly 25 million are expected to ship this year, and by 2020 that figure is expected to swell to 60 million. Yet as Mladen Barbaric, the founder of Instrumments, sees it, the market’s still plagued by a problem. “Technology should be invisible,” he says, calling the prospect of adding yet another gadget to your home the “geek approach.” So instead, Instrumments created Ollie, a brushed-aluminum lamp with either Alexa or Google Home built in and a wireless charging station built into the base. It goes up for pre-sale today on Indiegogo, at prices starting at $89 for a table lamp with wireless charging, and the same price for a floor lamp without it.

Source:: fastcodesign