Artist Amandine Urruty creates huge, highly detailed charcoal drawings from her bed

By Bryony Stone

Amandine Urruty never intended to forge a career as an artist. “My parents were not interested in visual arts at all, we only had a Salvador Dali poster in our toilet,” she laughs. “I always thought it would be too risky to become an artist, too difficult, and I had no idea of what I needed to do to make a living out of it. As we lived in a very rural place [in south west France], no museums, no galleries, only ducks, cows, and sunflowers, the art world remained a mystery for years. I wanted to become an art teacher, and began to study art at the University in Toulouse. I stayed for eight long years there, and finally abandoned my doctorate as soon as I had my first illustration and gallery show proposals.”

Source:: itsnicethat