Carus soft flooring – branding

adapt to the space provided.

we are flexible. Carus, part of the Beaulieu International Group, is a large collection of high-quality soft flooring. Our client wanted to evolve from a mid range to a premium designer brand and with the focus on reaching b2b, hospitality venues and architects. Proceeded by a number of insight meetings, we introduced our responsive brand concept, which reflects the products’ ability to adapt to any room, canvas or space necessary.

the product, our hero. In this responsive concept, the product is the actual hero, so the brand has to show what it’s all about. Imagery became highly important, so we invested a big amount of time in styling and defining the correct visuals showing the Carus products. Co-creating with 3D experts resulted in a fitting collection of product setting photography.

we’d like to be a design brand.
That’s easy to say. There are a lot of competitors in the flooring sector. By uplifting to a premium feel, we detached from the mainstream brands to become noticeable for the right target group. This could not be done without excessive dialogue with our client. We used all the skills and responsiveness of our design team and turned a complex branding exercise into a flexible and attractive result.