Michal Chelbin’s photography is an unusual insight into Ukraine’s military boarding schools

By Daphne Milner

Israel-based photographer Michal Chelbin has spent the past three years travelling around Ukraine, documenting life inside the country’s military boarding schools. The outcome is both fascinating and deeply disturbing. Her pictures are populated by young boys dressed in immaculate regimental uniforms and official military attire and young girls wearing lace-trimmed maids costumes and bridal dresses. The tiny soldiers and miniature brides stare blankly into the camera, seemingly unaware as to why they are being photographed. “The project came about several years back when I did a shoot in a military boarding school in Russia. I was only there for a few hours on my way to another job, but the visit inspired me to pursue the subject. I started this journey in 2015 and have been working on it since then,” Michal tells It’s Nice That.

Source:: itsnicethat