Minca coworking – Brand design

MINCA, a cozy and green coworking space in the heart of Paris
Minca participates in questioning traditional professional patterns in France by offering freelancers a pleasant work environment conducive to the development of their business.
It’s a collaborative workspace dedicated to well-being and focused on the training and digitalization of means of communication. The main objective is to offer Minca community members opportunities for synergies with other members in order to develop their activities.

“In pre-Columbian culture, minca is a term for collective work with social purposes.”

The visual identity designed by Graphéine aims to symbolize the unique spirit of the project, between modernity and tradition, here and elsewhere. Our proposal is an unexpected typographic layout of the title “Minca”. Composed vertically, the lettering is stylized to hint the geometric patterns and stripes of “Mola”, the art of traditional weaving practiced by Kuna Native American women. However, the logotype remains simple and contemporary, and it’s has a great visual impact when used in signage and on the digital interfaces.

Source:: behance.net