Noted: New Logo for AFLX

“X Marks the Spot Down Under”

(Est. 2018) “AFLX is a new and exciting game created by the AFL to showcase some of the most thrilling elements of Australian Football to attract new fans. While there are some familiar aspects for fans, this new game will provide a very different experience. AFLX is played on a rectangular field with seven players on the field and three on the bench. AFLX is an express form of the game, with explosive action exhilarating fans of all ages. Get ready for 10-point super goals, last-touch out of bounds and non-stop action on and off the field. The 2018 AFLX tournament will see games played across three days, with the first at Hindmarsh Stadium on Thursday, February 15, followed by matches at Etihad Stadium on Friday, February 16 and Allianz Stadium on Saturday, February 17. Each event day will feature six teams at with two pools of three teams playing in a round-robin format. A Grand Final will be played at each event.”

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Logo animation.
New Logo for AFLX
New Logo for AFLX
Type detail.
The rules of AFLX and lots of animation-y stuff.

If the American version of this — the XFL — left you wondering what could be another graphic interpretation of an extreme version of some form of football, wonder no more. Played over the course of three days, the AFL is turning on the adrenaline with a big, bold, “X” that is surprisingly cool. The notches in the letter add a good sense of dimension that looks particularly convincing when the logo is used small and in a single color. The gradient is kind of useless but it’s a good decoration. The custom typeface features inverted spikes that are somewhat interesting but most of the time I keep seeing Salvador Dalí’s mustache pointing up. The animations are fun and energetic — nothing groundbreaking or needing a lot of pontification, just some engaging eye candy. Overall, sure, why not?

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