Auto Design Sketch Challenge Results: Completing Preston Tucker’s Split-Cab Pickup Truck Concept

Earlier we showed you a sketch for an unusual pickup truck from Preston Tucker’s archives, and asked you to complete the design. Here are the results, in alphabetical order by last name, with captions from those who provided them:

By Michael DiTullo:

“A quick side cab sketch to get this party started.”

DiTullo also recorded his sketch process, so you can see how it all came together:

By Steven Madsen:

“3/4 view from the other side. Threw in a small crane for lifting heavy loads.”

By Thomas Parel:

“Doodles of an electric Tucker work truck.”

By Adan Schubart:

“As the original struck me as completely utilitarian, I went with a very boxy shape to allow every facet to be opened for easy access.

As this seemed like a truck for the city, it is electric and features driver access from the front to minimize street incursion.

I also had the thought of polymerized ‘rubber’ body panels for durability.”

By the bye, Schubart, I flipped the tones on your sketch to see how similar it would look to the original:

By Eric Strebel:

“Totally got inspired by Michael’s sketch! Gonna be this week’s video as well. Thanks Michael! I went old school of course, colored paper, markers and pencil, like they would have done in the ’40s. I made it electric modern and a Crew Cab (sort of) so you can take a buddy along to do your dirty work for you LOL! Sides slide down into the body and the ends both fold down. Glass moon roof too!”

Strebel also created a video providing voice-over and details, which we’re going to file separately in our ID Tips section. Stay tuned!

Thanks to all who participated. If anyone wants to add more, I’ll happily update this entry.