Meet Brut: Industrial-Inspired Furniture by Konstantin Grcic for Magis

By Caroline Williamson

Designer Konstantin Grcic set out to see if a raw material like cast iron could result in a polished piece of contemporary furniture and the answer is yes. Brut is a collection designed for Italian brand Magis that utilizes the alloy in a refined way by combining it with sleek upholstery and tabletops for an elegant and slightly industrial look.

Cast iron is typically used for building bridges or in heavy-duty machinery, making it an unexpected choice of material in a furniture collection. Then to throw in a contrast of materials, like soft fabrics for the upholstery, marble for the tabletops, and wood for the bench seats, the pieces appear fresh and functional.

Brut is designed for commercial and residential spaces for resting or socializing, and it includes two sofas, an armchair, two benches, and a variety of tables in different shapes and sizes.

Source:: Design-milk