Winners of the 2017 Black and White Child Photo Competition

By Kala

Dedicated to the theme of childhood, the Black and White Child photo contest annually highlights and awards the best monochrome portraiture of children. Currently on their fourth edition, you’ll find below the winning portraits of the portraiture category as well as the honorable mentions, each one taking us back to the magic and beauty of childhood.

1st PLACE: “Fear”, Kinga Drążek, Poland

2nd PLACE: “Tiarna”, Paulina Duczman, UK

3rd PLACE: “Fleur”, Ewa Cwikla, Netherlands

3rd PLACE: “Tear”, Uliana Kharinova, Russia

HONORABLE MENTION: “Below the window” by Oriano Nicolau, Spain

HONORABLE MENTION: “Virtual and Real” by Yonghong Jin, China

HONORABLE MENTION: “Always a hair out of place” by Helen Whittle, Australia

HONORABLE MENTION: “I See” by Tracy Botica, Australia

HONORABLE MENTION: “Shy” by Yanhong Zhang, China

HONORABLE MENTION: “Tanzanian boy” by Mariola Glajcar, Poland

HONORABLE MENTION: “Safia” by Mahdi Eshaghi, Iran

HONORABLE MENTION: “Water Fun” by Yi Huang, China