Customizing Contents Platform, MARPPLE

MARPPLE, with diverse printing techniques and IT-focused personnel, is the only brand in Korea that provides custom printing services. In 2016, MARPPLE went beyond simple custom production services, and expanded to contents platform that provides various contents which arouse users’ interest in the act of customization itself. With these service evolution in hand, we have established a distinguished brand identity that can convey core customer values and new brand image.

The new MARPPLE brand logo used plus mark as a motive. The logo inspires customers and implies brand core value that adds special value.
Not only the logotype, but also we have expressed the general tone and manner such as brand color, icon, and fonts in a neutral and a minimal way, to convey a brand image that embraces diverse contents. In terms of visual motive, we have inserted diverse contents and graphics inside the plus mark of the logotype, to express the brand personality of MARPPLE that tells customers various stories.

By applying these factors consistently regardless of the media (stationery, advertisements, packaging, offline stores, website, SNS), we provide customers special and consistent brand experience unique to MARPPLE.