Reader Submitted: Squeezable Metal Bottles Hit Kickstarter

In sports most athletes need a squeezable bottle that allows for one-handed, fast and precise drinking. But currently all squeezable bottles are made out of plastic. That means: Bad taste, potential health risk and throw away mentality.

Nowadays, all your equipment is high-tech. You have the best shoes, the best shirt – so why not having the best bottle?

Driven by that problem we set out two years ago to develop a better sports bottle. Many attempts later we found a suitable material (elastic titanium). Even more attempts later we found a suitable producer. A manufacturer specialized in producing kicker chamber for CERN and other particle accelerators around the world.

Last fall we produced the first bottle as proof-of-concept. Currently, a dedicated production system is being built in Denmark. We’ve been granted 4 public funding here in Vienna/Austria, but since development of hardware involves heavy investment we’re still struggling. That’s why we are looking for backers on Kickstarter starting this week (March 14th).

View the full project here