Film photographer George Muncey captures the cyclical nature of his hometown in Doughnut City

By Laura Isabella

“I’ve taken photos for pretty much as long as I remember,” Basingstoke-based photographer George Muncey tells It’s Nice That. “I’ve always just loved documenting what me and my friends are up to.“

“I spent the last four years bouncing between Basingstoke and London, but the further I get into figuring out what work I truly want to make, the more I realise how little the city [London] that I once believed to be everything I need, actually matters to me.”

George’s series Doughnut City focuses on the cyclical nature of life in his home town of Basingstoke through inner city landscapes and portraits of people he has met whilst making the images, “The [series is] all about cycles, feeling trapped in a commuter town, like you’re stuck, alone and can’t leave to be the person that you want to be,” George explains. “Most people that I know, resort to what they can find within the town, settling for a job here, having a family and living in a cycle of living for the weekend, working a job that you hate.”

Source:: itsnicethat