How the Eames Lounge Chair is Made

This video is unfortunately peppered with MarketingSpeak–in particular you can skip the first two minutes and 30 seconds–but it does provide a great look at how the Eames Lounge Chair is made.

We urge you to ignore the poorly-written narration, as they say things like “the manufacturing process hasn’t changed much in fifty years,” then they show you a drag-knife-wielding CNC cutter that I’m pretty sure the Eameses didn’t have access to.

Okay, I’ll stop complaining. And I’ll avoid the temptation of asking you which M-Speak comment causes you to roll your eyes the most. I think I’m just bitter because I can’t afford this chair and I pass it every day at a certain store on Greene Street.

I dug the dust collection for the horizontal spindle sander.

A “waffle iron,” they say? I’d hate to see how the narration-writer makes waffles.

I also like that there’s just one guy whose job is to test each chair out, and I wonder what his credentials are. I’m guessing they introduce him by saying “Best ass in the business, this guy” and every month medical technicians painstakingly record the amount of nerve endings in his ass while referring to clipboards.

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