This “Easy Way to Thread a Needle” Hack Looks Great, But I Can’t Get It to Work With Machine Needles

If you regularly use a sewing machine and have declining eyesight, you know that threading that damn needle is the most frustrating part of the process. There are times when I’ve continued sewing with the wrong-sized needle just because I subconsciously didn’t want to insert and thread a new one. And yes, I have this stupid thing below and I hate how junky and inelegant it us.

So when I heard about this easy way to thread a needle, I was super excited to see the video:

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First off he’s using a hand sewing needle, not a machine needle, the latter of which has the eye just above the point. But I nevertheless went to my sewing machine bench and tried for ten minutes or so to do this with a #9 needle (a 65, for those of you not in America) and absolutely cannot get this to work. It’s also pretty precarious because you have to avoid pricking yourself with the point, since that’s the end the eye is on.

I’ll try it again with a #18 needle when I have time. In the meantime, if any of you use sewing machines and can get this trick to work, please let me know!