Noted: New Logo and Identity for Trivago done In-house

“Off the Beaten Track”

(Est. 2005) “trivago is a global hotel search which empowers more than 120 million travelers every month in their search for the ideal hotel. Our team of over 1300 creative and focused minds from all corners of the globe, wake up every day to build a hotel search that is straight forward, simple-to-use and unbiased.”

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Wabi seeks to capture and represent our spirit as a company – fluid and ever-evolving, yet simple, authentic, and imperfect. A modern representation of the trust that unifies us and makes us strong, and the authenticity and diversity of opinions that broaden our horizons. A visualization of the imperfect detail of raw ideas and the way we evaluate empirical data to find proof and therefore, focus. A way to show that we never stand still. Capturing how we are driven forward by our entrepreneurial passion and continuous learning, from our own experiences and the experience of others – this is Wabi.

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New Logo and Identity for Trivago done In-house
One-color version.
New Logo and Identity for Trivago done In-house
Media kit pages.
New Logo and Identity for Trivago done In-house
PPT template.
New Logo and Identity for Trivago done In-house
A few different versions of the same thing.

The old logo was bland but its tricolor execution gave it enough of a visual hook to be somewhat recognizable. Now, those three colors have been transferred to an imperfect ring called “Wabi” (as in Wabi-sabi, I assume). I’m torn between really liking it and heavily disliking it. There is something kind of ballsy about choosing such an abstract ambiguous mark but there is also something pretentious about a hotel search engine trying to get so philosophical about its logo. It’s a hotel search engine. If the colors twisted at the center of the ring, instead of being symmetrical, I think that would have swayed me to the really-liking-it camp. The one-color version… same thing, I kind of like it and see its potential but perhaps for a cooler brand. The wordmark remains the same as before but now in a single color; it’s fine, leaning towards meh. The applications aren’t very inspiring or distinctive but I guess they don’t have to be, as much of what’s above feels more B2B than B2C. Overall, golf clap for ambition but the icon needs a better supporting visual and verbal world to really sell it.

Source:: Brandnew