Piano-playing rabbits and miniature tigers: the bold illustrations of Cristina Daura

By Daphne Milner

“I had no idea illustration could be a full-time profession,” Barcelona-based artist Cristina Daura tells It’s Nice That. “I just knew that I wanted to draw for a living. My parents pushed me towards Fine Arts because they wanted me to have a proper job title. I ended up leaving after the first year because I found it too pretentious and stupid.” It was at that point when Cristina turned her attention to illustration, enrolling in a course at La Escola Massana in downtown Barcelona. Over the past few years, Cristina has developed a bold and distinctive style. Her illustrations are charming, carefully considered depictions of unpredictable narratives that include chillies, jockeys, piano-playing rabbits and miniature tigers.

Source:: itsnicethat