Milan Design Week Recap: Days 1 and 2

We’re two days into Milan Design Week, and although we haven’t hit the big shows yet, we’ve discovered plenty of smaller wonders within or near La Brera and Ventura Centrale, ranging from wooden marionettes made from chairs to electric vehicle sketches:

“Giants with Dwarf” for horgenglarus

Panda Giant
Affe Giant
Biene Giant

Swedish furniture company, exhibition, but that didn’t take away from the wonder of seeing it in person. While it was thrilling to see Vitra furniture from the archives scattered together on a giant platform, we were even more curious in The Communals section, which featured new visions for communal furniture by various designers, including Robert Stadler himself, Barber & Osgerby and more. We only wish visitors had been able to wander through and immerse themselves in the aisles of coveted furniture.

Dozie Kanu for RIMOWA

Dozie Kanu x RIMOWA furniture

On the outskirts of Milan lies Spazio Maiocchi, a new space that hopes to merge art, design and fashion to, “shape new cultural experiences. Three exhibitions are on view for Milan Design Week: Dozie Kanu x RIMOWA (presented by Kaleidoscope Magazine), Nike‘s Brothers of the World and Timur Si-Qin‘s NEW PEACE. We appreciated that each of the three exhibitions fell clearly into one of the three categories of art, design and fashion. On the design side, emerging furniture artist Dozie Kanu was tasked by RIMOWA to create a progressive image of their classic aluminum luggage. Each piece in the exhibition featured an actual piece of RIMOWA luggage.

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