Selfridges unveils its first film ad campaign in 40 years

By Emily Gosling

The film is set to he showing in a selection of cinemas across London, Birmingham and Manchester, and through a mixture of computer generated imagery, stock footage and live action looks to explore the meaning of “luxury.”

Opening with a retro-futuristic pair of lips, haloed by neon against a hazy outer space backdrop, we enter a world where perspective is constantly shifting with a collage of imagery veering from paradisiacal palm trees to rockets, whopping bars of gold, glamorous women and champagne flutes. Old Hollywood glamour soon collides in a burst of CG shapes with ultramodern Selfridges signifiers, as we’re catapulted into stage digital realms that shift from interior to exterior in rapid, diszortianteintg jolts.

Knowing references to art and cinema history loom large. Magritte’s famous image of a person with an apple for a head is among the Surreal assembly cast, as is….???

The film is the centrepiece is Selfridges’ wider Radical Luxury campaign. This also includes a physical customer experience at Selfridges’ old hotel on Orchard Street, central London called the Flipside. This will be a multi-sensory journey into altered states of luxury” according to Selfridges, designed in collaboration with brands including Google, Louis Vuitton, Loewe and Thom Browne. Selfridges is also launching an out-of-home campaign between 23 April and 20 May across print and digital six-sheets and large-format executions across London, Birmingham and Manchester. Some of the outdoor site touchpoints will use Shazam technology to allow users to access a digital “Selfridges hub” featuring content about the campaign.

Radical Luxury 6-sheet poster

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