Get Ready for Affordable and Unlimited 3D Printing with Sinterit’s Lisa 2

Sinterit, the first manufacturer to deliver affordable desktop SLS 3D printers, is introducing a new generation of its very successful Lisa printer into the market. Lisa 2 extends the capabilities of its predecessor without losing its main goal of bringing designers, start-ups and industry manufacturers an affordable printing tool with almost unlimited creative possibilities.

Sinterit Lisa 2

Upon its invention, 3D printing revolutionized design thinking and product development by providing freedom and ease of creation to designers. However, the most usable technology, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), was still mainly reserved for prominent companies as it cost at least $100K, required 3D expertise and a large space. All this changed in 2014, when Sinterit’s Lisa was announced. Sinterit started a completely new desktop SLS segment where powder-based technology was finally available for a full range of industries.

Sinterit Lisa 1

Why SLS – What’s it all about?

SLS printing offers almost unlimited possibilities of creation, making it an ideal process for designers. This technology uses lasers to sinter powder material, binding it together into 3D objects. Therefore, the parts being printed can have movable elements printed in one piece—even complicated structures with internal holes. The objects are both durable and detailed (min. wall thickness 0.4mm / 0.016in; min. detail size 0.1mm / 0.004in). SLS technology allows much more possibilities of creation versus other 3D printing technologies.

“I am thrilled to be able to make high grade designs with my new sexy, affordable, high-quality, easy to use SLS machine, Lisa. She only costs $8.9k; where in the past I would have needed a $200k machine to create this kind of output.” —Janne Kyttanen, 3D authority and designer that recently changed his mold production technique from FDM technology into Sinterit’s SLS.

Enhancing the Possibilities

With the announcement of Lisa 2, Sinterit is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the design process even further. Compared to its previous generation, Lisa 2 grew in size without losing its desktop character and now offers the possibility to produce bigger prints in one piece up to 31.6cm.

Lisa 2’s most important new feature is the introduction of a nitrogen chamber, which allows customers to experiment with a vast number of new materials. “Customers are happy with our powders, but they were still asking for new ones. With the new nitrogen chamber, we can induce a special environment inside the printer and expand the list of potential materials,” says Michal Grzymala-Moszczynski, co-founder and R&D Director of Sinterit.

Since the co-founders are ex-Google employees and therefore no strangers to straightforward design solutions, the new Sinterit Studio 2018 software used in Lisa 2 offers users maximized automation and simplicity in its UX.


Lisa 2’s applications are virtually endless. With both SLS and material possibilities, designers and engineers from every industry can now 3D design and 3D print almost anything they can imagine. This ability overcomes the main barriers of other printers, which are sometimes not able to print more complex and detailed shapes.

Sample designs printed with Lisa 1 & Lisa 2


The Sinterit Lisa 2 will cost $14,900 and the full end-to-end system just $17,400 for the US market, but compared to the price of big SLS machines costing $100,000, that is peanuts. Preorders are already available on the Sinterit website with first deliveries set for September 2018. Lisa 2 will hit US market next year, but Lisa 1 is already available.

Printing materials include strong and chemical-resistant plastics Nylon PA12 and flexa black—a TPU material for rubber-like applications. With Lisa 2, Sinterit is also introducing new Flexa Grey with better flexibility, and PA11 with superior chemical and temperature resistance. And while the R&D department is busy working on other materials, designers are always free to experiment with materials on their own.


Sinterit is the first manufacturer of desktop selective laser sintering 3D printers, with a mission to accelerate the world’s development by giving access to innovative 3D printing SLS technology. It has a focus on ease of use, versatility and availability, so that tomorrow can happen today. The company, founded by former Google employees with experience in the industry since 2014, delivers reliable, high-precision printers to customers around the world. During its three years on the market, Sinterit Lisa has printed multiple 3D products. For more information visit or follow @Sinterit on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.