Delightful Photographs About Sunrise and Sunset

By Claire-Marine

In Buenos Aires-based photographer Juan Manuel Casir works, the dawn light enhances urban landscapes and some everyday life details, giving them an enigmatic and ethereal appearance.

Indeed, with his series “Impasse», he offers us a game of contrasts with orange and blue tones, a game between the emerging light of the sun and the darkness that persists. “I’m chasing after time-sensitive moments», he says. Moments gifted with an exquisite esthetic, which, thanks to the vivid warmth shade against rigid structures establish stunning compositions.

This last series also gave birth to “A Violet Trip» [4 last pictures], an ongoing project equally mystical and poetic about sunset. In this series, purple and pink shades predominate but retain all the beauty of these “in-between» moments. “It’s the beginning of the night, although the day is not quite over. Darkness strengthens the light, it’s not too late or too early, anything can happen, it announces a night full of mystery and seduction in every corner», adds the photographer. To see more of his photos, follow his Instagram account.