Dornbracht’s tiny home spa fits into micro apartments

By Ali Morris

A horizontal shower replaces the bathtub in German bathroom brand Dornbracht‘s futuristic six-square-metre home spa, designed for small-space living.

Designed by German studio Sieger Design, the Small Size Premium Spa, which the company refers to as SSPS, has been designed in response to urbanisation and shrinking apartment sizes.

“More and more people are moving into cities, resulting in increasing scarcity of living space and rising apartment prices. But at the same time, there’s increasing demand for enhanced quality of life,” said Dornbracht.

“The bathroom is becoming ever more important as a part of overall living space. Not only does it serve to prevent illness and boost quality of life, but it is also becoming more and more of a refuge ā€“ a place to refresh and revitalise.”

Bathroom of the future is a six-square-metre spa according to Dornbracht

“The Small Size Premium Spa, SSPS for short, fulfils all the standards of a luxury spa in a compact area of approximately six square metres,” the company added.

The minimalist design is divided into a dry zone and a wet zone, which are separated by a glass screen. The wet zone features a vertical and a horizontal shower with customisable integrated strip lights, and spotlights, sound system and fragrance options.

Bathroom of the future is a six-square-metre spa according to Dornbracht

“Since the innovative shower applications make it just as comfortable to shower lying down as to take a bath, there’s no need for a bathtub,” said the brand. “If a bathtub is expressly required, it can be precisely integrated (in combination with a footbath, for example) and covered when necessary so that it can be used as a seat.”

Meanwhile, the dry zone features a double washbasin with an extendible sprinkler head that can be used to wash hair. A compact toilet sits in the corner, while a display built into the mirror or cabinet front allows users to individually control all elements of the bathroom. As the room is fully networked, it can be configured remotely ahead of time via an app.

Mirrors are used to create a feeling of spaciousness. A large screen that lines the wet zone acts as a virtual window, which can display a live camera feed of the surroundings and produce an atmosphere that harmonises with changes in the natural light outside.

The SSPS concept was originally debuted in 2015. Since then Dornbracht and Sieger Design have introduced a slightly larger eight-square-metre version for hotels called the SSPS Suite.

Bathroom of the future is a six-square-metre spa according to Dornbracht

This year, they unveiled the SSPS Apartment ā€“ a concept for a 35-square-metre city home that features an integrated private spa, including a 3.5-square-metre washing and showering area.

The bath is located behind a translucent glass barrier that lets in daylight from the living area. In addition to the Vertical Shower and the rain panel integrated into the ceiling, the wet zone features special massage jets positioned to stimulate various parts of the body.

Bathroom of the future is a six-square-metre spa according to Dornbracht

Additional electronically controlled water outlets enable residents to programme automated sequence showers while sitting, or they can select a “stimulating leg shower”. While the bathroom is occupied or during the spa treatments, the apartment’s separate guest toilet can be used at any time by others.

The apartment also features a compact seven-square-metre kitchen and plenty of built-in floor to ceiling storage. Functions, materials, finishes and colours can be tailored to meet individual needs and taste.

Bathroom of the future is a six-square-metre spa according to Dornbracht

Dornbracht said the concept could be used not only for private flats, but also for hotels or yachts.

As part of the brand’s mission to replicate spa facilities in a home environment, Dornbracht unveiled a collection of spa-inspired bathroom fittings last year. These include a massaging shower that targets three points of the spine and a tap designed for home facials.

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