WeWork pledges $1.5 million to support emerging UK entrepreneurs

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The world of work is rapidly changing, and so are people’s attitudes about how they would like to spend their working days.

This rise in entrepreneurs and small businesses coincides with a movement towards creative entrepreneurship, where Brits are ditching the traditional ​‘9 to 5​’​ grind in favour of a more flexible approach which makes work ‘work’ for them. For many, this involves starting up their own business and creating a working routine which compliments their lifestyle.

The collaborative workspace company WeWork, celebrates creative entrepreneurship and is on a mission to ‘create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living’. In line with this ethos, the company recently launched a new, year-long awards programme, called The Creator Awards, which recognises and rewards talented individuals and organisations.

As part of the awards programme, the company has pledged to donate a total of $20 million to entrepreneurs, small businesses, growing companies, non-profits, artists, and more, in cities all around the world—$1.5 million of which will be given away in the UK.

“We’re really excited about the Creator Awards,” says Tom Maverley, co-founder of the London-based advertising agency Trigger. He’s a member at WeWork Moorgate. “As soon as we heard about it we knew we would apply.”

Creators wishing to enter the UK awards are invited to apply via The Creator Awards website, and are asked to upload a video introducing themselves and their business idea. Shortlisted entries will then be invited to attend the London regional final, where they will pitch their business to a panel of judges.

“We’re meeting on creating a video this next week,” says Maverley’s co-founder, Stephen Wise. “Obviously we’re a content company, so we want to produce something slick.”

The awards are available to ‘creators’ in three different categories: ‘The Incubate Award’ for individuals with an idea that needs funding, ‘The Launch Award’ for newly launched businesses or non-profits in need of guidance, and ‘The Scale Award’ for successful businesses or non-profits who are ready for a new challenge.

WeWork is a global network of workspaces where companies can grow together. The company was first launched in 2010, and now hosts more than 150 locations in 49 different cities.

Eugen Miropolski, WeWork Managing Director, Europe and Israel, said: “We’re a company that wants to provide people with motivation and help them to love what they do.

“The Creator Awards are a fantastic opportunity for aspiring business men and women to really shout about their ideas, entrepreneurship and their passion,” says Miropolski. “At WeWork we love to support these kinds of creatives and we want to do all we can to support them on their journey to business success.”

The Creator Awards are open to everyone, even if they are not WeWork members. According to Miropolski, “anyone who brings a new idea into the world, pursues their passion, and believes in something greater than oneself, is a creator”.

To submit a business idea to The Creator Awards and be considered for the UK final, the deadline for entry is 24th August 2017. Creators can apply for the awards via The Creator Awards website.

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