Nike’s Web-Connected Basketball Jersey May Not Be As Silly As It Sounds

By Cliff Kuang

Nike is releasing an NFC chip-enabled jersey that’s designed to connect fans to players. Gimmick or smart UX?

In our breathless march toward the internet of things, web-enabled clothing sounds like another idea launched by two startup bros smoking artisanal weed. Nike has managed to find a compelling spin on the concept nonetheless, with something the company calls “the first NBA connected jersey.” Let’s say you have a Russell Westbrook jersey with NBAConnect. There’s an NFC chip in the tag. By tapping it to your phone, you can unlock footage of Russ swaggering to the game in his latest couture getup; real-time game highlights and stats; and sometimes even power-up codes for NBA2K18 that might give avatar Russ a hot hand.

Source:: fastcodesign