Videos on Furniture Design, Production Efficiency, Organization and Some Just Plain Nifty Stuff


This is a good, substantive watch for aspiring furniture designer/builders. Here Jay Bates meticulously walks you through the build of an “angled half-lap three tier shelf,” explaining both his design choices and his fabrication methods:

Bob Clagett builds a corner desk and monitor riser for his office:

Production Efficiency

Matthias Wandel comes up with a crazy series of MacGyver-like hacks while simplifying the production of baseboard molding:

Frank Howarth figures out the most efficient way to create and install lots of French cleats for his in-progress pantry design:


Ben from HomeMade Modern designs functional built-ins for a laundry room:

April Wilkerson improvises a series of organizing/storage solutions for an outdoor shed:

Just Plain Nifty

La Fabrique DIY shows off their old-school mechanical screwdriver:

Laura Kampf creates a height-adjustable dual shelf, fashioning the hardware herself: