Savoir Beds Debuts Designer Beds by Arik Levy and Teo Yang

By Caroline Williamson

London-based Savoir Beds are known for their finely crafted mattresses and bespoke headboards born through collaborations with hand selected designers. Their latest two designs are by Arik Levy and Teo Yang, who both take a fresh, artistic approach to the headboard.

SHIFT 01 is from artist and designer Arik Levy who created an upholstered bed with a stacked headboard that is completely customizable. Each user can move the horizontal panels back and forth to get the look they desire, much like his public sculptures that can also be adapted. The adjustable panels extend out creating handy shelving or side tables.

Designed by Korean lifestyle designer Teo Yang, MOON 01 brings a slice of the moon into your room at bedtime. Given that the moon is a symbol of luck and wealth in East Asian folklore, the tailored design aims to bring users a good, peaceful night’s sleep. The bed is upholstered by hand with the full moon at the center and two smaller ones on the side, all showing the moon’s movement. The reason for three moons is because the number three represents joy, inspiration, and creativity.

Source:: Design-milk